Wednesday, July 16, 2014

YW Glow in the Dark Volleyball

In April the YW were in charge of the combined YM/YW mutual activity. We had the YW vote and the choice was glow in the dark volleyball! This was a very fun activity and pulled some of our YW out of their comfort zones, which definitely isn't a bad thing.

All you need for this activity is the church gym, volleyball net, volleyball, glow sticks, glow in the dark tape and UV lights. We bought a bunch of glow sticks and glow in the dark tape from the store and were able to borrow 3, 3-foot UV lights from members of the ward. Before the activity ask the youth to wear white, this really helps them glow in the UV light.

To set up, we put up the volleyball net and linked glow sticks along the top and bottom of the net so it was easier to see in the dark. We handed out glow sticks for all the youth to wear. We wrapped the volleyball in some glow in the dark tape to make it easier to see, plugged in the UV lights, and turned out the lights. We split up the youth into teams and began to play! We ended our activity with some rootbeer floats... mmmm.

Some things I would change would be to get as many UV lights and you possibly can. Only having 3 UV lights in the gym made it a little hard to see but it didn't stop us from playing! Also, you may want to set up some string or tape that will glow around the court so you can see when the ball goes out.

Even with changes I would make, this activity was super fun and everyone seemed to like it, even the shy ones who typically don't want to participate in activities like this. I would do this activity again in a heartbeat... and maybe add a spiritual lesson to it as well! Enjoy!

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