Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DIY Flower Nursery Mobile

When I was first designing the nursery, I looked around for all sorts of ideas. When shopping for a mobile to go over the crib everything I saw was SO expensive. With me needing to quit my job due to pregnancy complications, we were putting together this nursery on a budget! I was inspired by a picture of a mobile I saw on an Etsy shop (the mobile was over $100!!). So I decided I needed to do it myself, which I did, for $5. That's right, $5! 

I headed to the craft store, bought 5 blocks of felt, each costing 20 cents. I bought a little container of pearls and that was all I needed. I had leftover wreath material from a different project and I used fishing line I already had to string the mobile. 

I found a template for the felt flowers on Pinterest here.

Cut out the felt in the shape of the template. Once cut, start by rolling the felt from the outside in and occasionally put a dot of hot glue in there while rolling. When you get to the middle, hot glue the middle piece to the bottom of the flower. (The cutting can take a long time.. I recommend turning on netflix and going at it!) 

Once I had my flowers made I cut fishing line to the length I wanted it (you can decide that too). Then I taped the line to a hard surface so it was easier to control. I then used a needle to thread the fishing line through the center of the flowers and pearls. I would recommend tying a knot or putting a dot of glue near the center of the flower when on the proper place in the line so it doesn't slide down. 

You can design your mobile strings however you want. I didn't make my strings all the same length. Some have 4 flowers on them, some 3, some 2. Some started at the top with a pearl, some started at the top with a flower. It was fun to make it random. 

Once all my flowers and pearls were threaded I tied the strands to the wreath. Then I hung it from the ceiling using more fishing line... and TADA!

Photo Cred: kelseyhadleyphotography

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