Thursday, September 24, 2015

DIY Refinished Dresser

When looking for the dresser for the nursery I wanted something that looked a little more old fashioned. I told my awesome aunt who is the best bargain shopper I've ever met and she quickly snatched this up! This dresser was a steal and it even had a huge mirror that went above it! We had to fix a few drawers but that was easy. 

This is originally how it looked and we decided we wanted to paint it to give it a cleaner look. So we went to work with sanding... and sanding.. and a little bit more sanding... We then had to strip the rest of the paint off of it. 


Once the paint was stripped we were ready to go for the painting. The hubby was a champ! This was not an easy project to paint. 

The handles on the dresser were originally gold colored, but were super dirty, so I found a tutorial online of how to clean them... and it didn't work. So we went to the next best thing and spray painted all of the handles gold. They looked perfect!

And...this is how it looked after it was all put together! TADA!

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