Sunday, September 27, 2015

Baby Quilt Tutorial

I love to make quilts, especially BABY quilts! So when I was expecting I went on the hunt to find the perfect one. I found this super cute quilt tutorial here

Picking out the fabric for this quilt was so hard for me! I knew I wanted some bluish, minty colors along with some coral and neutrals. I searched multiple stores and almost gave up on the last one but by some miracle started making connections with fabrics at the last minute!  

I have to give a lot of credit to my amazing grandma on this quilt, she pushed me to get it done just a week and half before baby H was born! She also did a lot of the hard work with cutting, pressing, etc. She let me just sit in a chair with my big belly and sew my heart out. 

Once all the blocks were made I lined everything up how I wanted it before sewing it into rows. I also ended up making a little smaller quilt than in the tutorial but I think it turned out to be the perfect size!

Once the top was ready I went ahead and freehanded the quilting-only took about an hour, it was fabulous! All that is left is the binding and it's done.

So happy with how cute it turned out! 

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